Important Questions Ch-Structure of Atom Class 11th

Chapter 2 Structure of Atom

Below are the important questions along with the answers . These questions are most asked in the recent school exams. These are totally based on the CBSE board curriculum. We recommend everyone, do not skip these questions

Structure of Atom Important
Questions Theory based

Q1. Define the term wavelength.

Q2. What is meant by electromagnetic nature of light?

Q3. Define the term frequency.

Q4. What is the speed of light in vacuum?

Q5. Give the significance of principal quantum number.

Q6. Give the significance of azimuthal quantum number.

Q7. Give the significance of magnetic quantum number.

Q8. Give the significance of spin quantum number.

Q10. The line spectrum observed when electrons fall from higher quantum levels to L level is referred to as (a)Balmer series (b) Lyman series (c) Paschen series (d) Brackett series

Q11. Define the term black body and black body radiation.

Q12. Explain Thomson model of atom.

Q13. Define the tern photoelectric effect.

Q14. Write the Bohr rule relating the energy difference to the frequency of radiation.

Q15. What is the energy of lowest energy level of hydrogen atom?

Q16. Write the mathematical expression of de Broglie equation.

Q17. State Aufbau principle.

Q18. State Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

Q19. State Pauli’s Exclusion Principle.

Q20. State Hund’s Rule of Maximum Multiplicity.

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Structure of Atom
Important Questions Numerical based

Q1. Calculate (a) wavenumber and (b) frequency of yellow radiation having wavelength

Q2. Derive de Buglie’s equation.

Q3. Calculate energy of one mole of photons of radiation whose frequency is

Structure of Atom

Q4. What is the wavelength of light emitted when
the electron in a hydrogen atom undergoes transition an energy level with n = 4 to an energy level with n = 2 ?

Q5. A 100-watt bulb emits monochromatic light of wavelength 400 nm. Calculate the number of photons emitted per second by the bulb.

Structure of Atom

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