Important Questions Ch-Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Class 11th

Important Questions Ch-Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Class 11th

Chapter 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Below are the important questions along with the answers . These questions are most asked in the recent school exams. These are totally based on the CBSE board curriculum. We recommend everyone, do not skip these questions

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Important Questions Theory based

Q.1. What is the SI unit of molarity?

Q.2. What is meant by significant figures?

Q.3. What are the various types of mixtures?

Q.4. Which of the following mixtures are homogeneous :

(i) wood (ii) tap water (iii) smoke (iv) soil and (v) cloud?

Q.5. Define the term gram atomic mass or gram atom.
Q.6. Define the term gram molecular mass or gram mole.
Q.7. Define the term molarity.

Q.8. Define the Lin of conserzation of mass.
Q.9. State Atogadro’s law.

Q.10. Explain Gay Lussac Law.
Q.11. Define the term empirical formula and molecular formula.

Q.12. What is a chemical equation? What are its essential features ?

Q.13. How many significant figures should be present in the answer of the following:

Important Questions

Q.14. What is the symbol for SI unit of mole? How is the mole defined?

Q.15. What is the difference between molality and molarity?

Q.16. Volume of a solution changes with temperature, then will the molality of the solution be affected by temperature? Give reason for your answer.

Q.17. Explain the use of limiting and excess reagents in a chemical reaction.

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Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Important Questions Numerical based

Q.1. Calculate (i) the number of moles, (ii) the number of molecules and (iii) the volume of gas at STP in  of nitrogen.

Q.2. How many moles of methane are required to produce 22 gCO2 (g)  after combustion?

Q.3. The density of 3M solution of  is 1.25 gmL-1. Calculate molality of the solution.

Q.4. How many moles and how many grams of sodium chloride (NaCl) are present in 250 cm3 of a 0.500  solution?

Q5. In a reaction vessel 0.184g of NaOH is required to be added for completing the reaction. How many mL of 0.150MNaOH solution should be added for this requirement?

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

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